Personalized Easter Baskets for Boys

We didn't forget about the boys for Easter! This photo above is from and features their spring clothing collection of chocolate browns, blues, greens and khakis for boys.
So we designed a personalized initial Easter bag to match - choose your gingham fabric and your trims. We have chocolate gingham too, moms!

For older boys, we can use a solid ribbon trim, or no trim at all. This bag is simple, yet durable and will look great in your Easter photos! Boys won't mind filling our 7" diameter canvas bucket bags with lots of Easter eggs.

After Easter, he can store his favorite cars, action figures, markers, stuffed animals or socks in this personalized bag. Or, safely tuck it away for next year so it looks good-as-new (boys can be rough, right?).

We have personalized painted Easter pails for boys too. Come see us at Polka Dot Market this week.

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