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Summer Vacation

While you're sipping your sweet tea this summer, come visit me over at my crafty business blog, http://www.polkadotmom.com.

I am having a bit of trouble keeping up with two blogs as I want to spend all of my free time outside with my two girls (and hanging with my husband too), so I'll be writing about my business and polka dot decorating over there too.

I'll be typing while swinging away in my original Pawley's Island Hammock - a wedding gift from all of my sweet college girlfriends. It has only taken six years to put up, but well worth the wait. A hammock in the summertime...pure heaven!

What are your favorite summer things?

Come see me soon at Polka Dot Mom!

Summer Apron Swap

This photo is from a favorite blog of mine - Your Home Based Mom. She participated in Feathured Nest's Summer Apron Swap too.

No, these "Beach Babes" aprons are not for her swap!

This photo is hilarious and I thought it would make your day!

Here is my preppy pink and green apron creation for the swap...shipped to Joscelyne in Hawaii:

Abby from Feathured Nest designed this cute wrap apron and has posted free apron instructions too. She's the best and it really is "quick & easy" like she says.

Happy Summer!

P.S. - I forgot to tell you that the "bikini tops" above are actually removeable pot holders! Haaaaaaaa!