Flowers for my Aunt Ann

...the quintessential Southern lady from Memphis, Tennessee who loved everything personalized, embroidered and monogrammed.

...ready to work at every wedding in her classic Gap overalls!

...the most generous woman who dressed my girls from head-to-toe in unique boutique clothing from many mom-owned websites across the country. You should have seen the presents at Christmas! dad's big sister and a friend to all with the biggest smile, loudest laugh and best sense of humor.

...she never wanted anyone to fuss over her or worry about her - she took care of all of us!

...a beautiful spirit that will be missed and remembered and cherished.

Since I'm crying now, she'd say, "Go on out and get some good 'ole Tennessee barbeque and an ice cold beer for me."

Here's to you, Aunt Ann!

Sally, CaryAnn, Becky, Abby, Patty, John, Mia, Lauren, Lindsay and your little brother Bubba


Heather said...


I'm so sorry! I know how dear your Aunt Ann was to you and the rest of your family! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Call me if you needed ANYthing!


Shannon said...

I am so sorry to read about your Aunt. Your family will be in my prayers