Back to School Shopping for Preschool and Mother's Day Out

Okay, I'm doing it. I have officially enrolled my daughter in a Mother's Day Out program for two days a week this school year. She's two years old and I think she's just a little bit bored with me. And with a new baby on the way (due any day now!), I think she will love having her own friends and activities away from the baby and I. Wait, it sounds like I am still rationalizing this to myself! This blog post was supposed to be about our Personalized Kid's Bags. Let me start over:

We love making new bag designs. And we really love personalizing our smaller kid's bags and canvas totes with your child's initial in an array of availaible polka dot fabrics. It is one of our favorite "jobs"! Our super-affordable personalized canvas tote bags are perfect for preschool or Mother's Day Out programs. Kids need a bag for their "stuff" and Moms need a place to put all of their "stuff".

One mom wrote us and even needs a tote bag that will fit her child's bike helmet for preschool! Now that sounds like a cool school. Can you just see them all riding their bikes on the playground? How cute! So, we are always open to custom designs. We can make a bag any size for you and your child.

Going back to school is a great time for kids and a stressful time for the parents (I'm learning this!). There's so much to do! You can relax this August though and let Polka Dot Market create a one-of-a-kind personalized kid's bag just for your special kid. We'll ship it to you within 7 to 10 business days via Priority Mail for only $2.50. What a great back-to-school shipping deal! (Okay, we ship for $2.50 all the time, but tell your husband that it's a special deal!)

And for all the new moms out there sending their kids to school for the first time this August, we understand what you're feeling. Hey, my daughter is only two and I'm a babbling idiot over a silly 2-days-a-week program. Rest assured that at the very least, she will have a cute personalized kid's tote bag to carry with her on her first day. I may forget to pack her "nutricious lunch" or a change of clothes, but that's what first days are for, right?

See you soon at!
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Preppy Hot Pink & Green Little Girl Purses

We are still in love with pink and green. We can't get enough pink and green (and when you add polka dots to the mix--we're in heaven!). Take a look at our new Little Girl Purses in hot pink canvas with green or pink grosgrain ribbon bows and a custom applique in your child's first initial. We love them! Soon all of the little girls in our neighborhood will be carrying this personalized tote bag all over town. Get your pink and green Little Girl's Purse today at Polka Dot Market! Limited Summer Design!