Polka Dot Market Arrives in Nashville

From the Motor City to Music City!
We're back after a big transition and move to Nashville, Tennessee! We have missed writing to our customers and friends, so here's our big chance. Polka Dot Market has relocated from Metro Detroit to the Greater Nashville area. We are loving the people, the weather, the city, and our new house. Soon we will be loving a new member of our family: a new baby is expected to arrive around August 8th!
During the relocation process, we've been dreaming of polka dots and new polka dot purse designs. We will be sharing all of them with YOU via our website, http://www.polka-dot-market.com. You can find our new mailing address at Polka Dot Market's "Contact Us" page too.

Click here to find out more about Hendersonville, Tennessee (north of Nashville on Old Hickory Lake).