Yum! Neopolitan Ice Cream Polka Dot Fabric Purse

How cute is this bag? Why does it make me want to eat a big bowl of neopolitan ice cream?

Maybe it's the ice cream truck's bells and songs played over and over, around and around our neighborhood, or maybe it's the "delicious" combination of strawberry pink with chocolate polka dots and a vanilla white ribbon?

It doesn't matter! This bag is yummy and made for summer! One of our favorite customers designed this custom-made medium-size tote especially for her mom for Mother's Day. We liked the design so much, we are now selling it at Polka Dot Market (available in any size). The fabric is flying out of our doors as fast as those cute little pink tasting spoons at Baskin-Robbins.

Don't miss this purse! You'll love every "spoonful" of this guilty pleasure. Treat yourself today!

See you soon at Polka Dot Market!

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