Around Here...

I had my first sick-day in a long time yesterday. I think I caught the bug my 3-year-old daughter brought home from preschool. Not fun!

My husband, John, was home with our two girls all day. He made Mia's lunch for preschool (she's been well since Saturday), took her and picked her up. He played with little Lauren all day too! I was in our dark bedroom with a pillow on top of my head with the worst headache in the world after my rough morning of fun flu symptoms. What saved the day? A frozen Coke from our convenience store. I think I was having caffeine withdrawals. How embarrassing. After the morning episodes, I didn't want to drink or eat anything, much less my coffee. So John saved the day again with a special delivery of an ice cold slushi Coke Classic. Yea!

I managed to stand upright by about 6pm. Then the tornados and storms started coming through Nashville. I was glued to the weather report on the local news. Around 10pm we woke up the girls and took them to our bathroom (safest room in the house) to wait out the Tornado Warning. Thankfully the girls went right back to bed after all that. Then there were more storms behind that one, so I was on TV duty while everyone in the house slept.

I cleaned my studio, sent a bunch of e-mails, cleaned my inbox, put the girls' toys away, tidied up the kitchen and now I can add that "I Blogged!" to my list of accomplishments. Next up, cutting lots of initials for your custom tees, bibs and bags. I'm really looking forward to it actually!

My 18-month-old, Lauren, is upstairs in her room now saying, "Mommy? Mommy!" in the sweetest voice.

Back to being a mom (my favorite job) and thank goodness it was only a 24-hour flu.

Stay well, friends!

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