Our Easter Weekend

A helicopter? What does that have to do with Easter??

We found out last-minute that a local church was hosting an "Egg Drop" at the high school near our house, so we grabbed the girls and away we went.

I promised my oldest daughter an egg hunt and a helicopter dropping eggs. That all happened, but with the huge crowd, we ended up with zero eggs. None! Our neighbors gave the girls one egg each, so that was much appreciated! We saw all of our neighbors at the event and our little one was thrilled just to run around a football field with a ton of kids. The oldest was disappointed, but it gave us a chance to talk with her again about being THANKFUL for what we do have. Besides, the Easter Bunny was still going to visit our house!

Today, our church hosted an Easter brunch and egg hunt for the kids this morning. I must not be good at this...after the girls put their jackets on, we were the last family outside and my girls found only two eggs each. Better than the helicopter experience, but two?! Do I need to be more competitive with this egg-hunting business?

I can never get a photo of the girls when they are BOTH looking at the camera:

Our girls had a ball at church, then we spent the rest of the day with family. They found eggs all day long and now they have two baskets overflowing with Easter eggs. Now I'm wondering what to do with all of this candy?

It was really, really fun to be with my girls all day long for TWO days in a row without working. I think I need to take weekends off more often!

The girls' dresses are made by Becky at Granny B's Clothesline.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend too!

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