Daily Reading & Shopping

Want to know what I've been reading? I spend a good bit of time every day on the computer responding to customers, ordering more fabric and ribbons and updating our website. I also like to read blogs and websites and articles that I can relate to as a busy working mom.

My new favorite site for bargain shopping, home decorating and being the best CEO of your home is the Penny Pincher. Penny is a real mom living in Charleston, South Carolina and she is a local writer and television personality. She has the BEST ideas for using your money wisely and creating cute gifts and accessories for your home. I learned about her site when she ordered a few sets of our disco dot personalized stationery (on sale now) for her show and now I'm hooked!
We were asked to be a part of Chic Shops Baby and I think it is a great new resource for the coolest baby gifts. Their site is bright and colorful and fun to click around. Find lots of free goodies, discount codes and new designers.
I love to order gifts from Etsy too. I usually buy from fellow moms in business to spread the love around! My most recent purchase was two Trendy Tatters teddy bear charm bracelets for my daughter's 1st birthday party this Saturday (big sister gets one too). The party theme is teddy bears...though I still haven't decided on the kid-friendly craft or activity. Any ideas? Please post - I need your help! Here is the bear bracelet:

Happy reading and shopping and we hope to see you soon at Polka Dot Market!

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