Fresh Twist on Personalized Birthday Gifts

Polka Dot Market is becoming known for our large initial applique bags and gifts - our Big Initial Bags (tm) are very popular! From the beginning, our initials have served as a "fresh twist on personalized gifts" - something different, unique and totally custom-made for our customers. We always want to keep our applique designs new and vibrant while maintaining our quality and value. So we have recently added our Big Initial Birthday (tm) line of gifts.

We hope you will stop by and check out the collection. It includes initials and numbers appliqued to bibs and tees. Oh my goodness - we are having too much fun designing these personalized applique birthday gifts for you!

Our Cupcake Shirts and our Birthday Number Shirts are now on sale through August 15th. Order early for the big birthday party and SAVE! Click to see all of our polka dot birthday shirts and bibs.

My youngest daughter is turning one on August 5th, so moms I am right there with you trying to get everything ready (and perfect) for her first birthday party. We are doing a teddy bears party theme - any suggestions for kid-friendly activities for all the 3- and 4-year-old siblings and friends?

Have a fantastic day everyone,

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