Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

We are so happy that spring is here (and cannot believe that Easter is THIS SUNDAY)! My daughter will be 3 years old in less than a month and we have had so much fun this year dying Easter eggs, eating lots of chocolate and reading books about the Easter bunny. My 8-month-old has no idea what is going on (except that there is a large Easter basket filled with FUN plastic grass to pull and shred and spill all over the floor). What a great time of year!
I wish I could say the bulbs I planted in the fall were popping out of the ground, but oops! I didn't plant any bulbs. We're in a new house and I had a new baby...I'll do better this year. I'm the girl you'll find at the home improvement store this weekend searching for some flowers to plant in pots to make my home ready for spring. Maybe the Easter lillies will go on sale this weekend....
Speaking of sales, I picked up some adorable miniature chinese take-out boxes in the St. Patrick's Day clearance bin for my daughter's party favors. They are solid green and I'm thinking of painting them or covering them in polka dot stickers...I'll keep you posted.
I really want to shout HAPPY EASTER to you, my wonderful friends and customers. We are having so much fun here sewing your custom designs and creations. From my family to yours: Have a safe and happy Easter! I hope the Easter bunny fills your basket with your favorite treats too (I'll be the one stocking up on candy at the after-Easter sale for party favors)!

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