My Polka Dot Kids

Here's a photo of our little neighborhood play group. They are my "polka dot kids" because I'm always thinking of which products they will use, which fabrics their moms will like, and how I can make their lives more FUN. They are my inspiration for the new kid's products I'm developing like t-shirts, more bags, bibs, blankets and tool belts and more!

There are a few kids missing from the picture - you know hard it is to get a picture of everyone! Back to our play group...the moms are wonderful and so are the kids! I hope you enjoy the photo - it's the classic "line 'em up on the sofa" method from Mom Photography 101. I think we had a Baby Einstein video playing, or else the photo would have been a bunch of blurred images of kids running in all directions...

Here's to the little polka dot kids running around your house!

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