Monogram Church Bag for Kids

True story:
Last Sunday morning, picture me running out of the house with THREE diaper bags filled with stuff for my two girls for church. One for my baby who needed a bag for the nursery, one for my preschooler filled with activities for the service, and one bag for me. I honestly tried to slim down the contents, but ended up walking in to church with THREE bags. It was a little embarrassing. Yes, each of my diaper bag were handmade with the cutest polka dot fabrics, but all together I looked pretty silly. I looked like a mom who couldn't decide which diaper bag to bring to church that morning. Here's what I absolutely needed from each bag:

For me - My wallet and make-up bag, panties and outfit for 3-year-old, juice box for ride home.
For my baby - 2 diapers, wipes case, bottle, snacks and change of clothes
For my preschooler - snack, paper, crayons, stickers, trains and her bear

Not that much stuff, right? So, here is my solution:
A SMALL "church bag" for each girl filled with exactly what they need. When I take the baby to the nursery, I proudly give them her small little tote bag, then my preschooler can carry her own tote bag to church. And I can carry ONE small handbag - that never happens!

I embroidered "church bag" on my bags, but you can choose to have their names or 3-initial monogram too! I have nearly every color choice of polka dot grosgrain ribbons too - pink, blue, green...pick your favorite for a free ribbon band and bow stitched to the top of your bag (front and back). Monogramming is FREE with the cost of this tote bag.

The best part? I get to walk in to church with ONE bag.

Here are some handy, mom-tested ideas for quiet church activities for your kids (they can help pack their own Church Bag each week):
  • Coloring Pages (alphabet, animals, construction, trains, bible stories). Click for free coloring book pages - no pop-ups, some ads.
  • Low-sugar snacks like crackers, cereal, grapes, apples (avoid noisy wrappers)
  • Stickers (look for these free in your mailbox, or cut the free address labels you receive)
  • Tic-tac-toe
  • Magnet books
  • One favorite toy from home (this usually helps with getting them into the car)

I hope our new personalized Church or Name Bags at Polka Dot Market will make your Sunday mornings quick and easy! Each tote bag measures 9" tall, 10" wide and 3" deep with 12" handles (perfect size for kids and quick trips).

Click to design your own personalized Church or Name Bag for your little boy or girl at Polka Dot Market now.

Post a comment and let us know what you do on Sunday mornings with your little kids running around.

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